Cyber-War: Hacktivist Groups in Russia and Ukraine Pledge to Uphold 8 Rules for Hackers


By publicly committing to uphold the ICRC rules, these hacktivist groups have taken a significant step toward avoiding cyber-attacks that harm civilians. 

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This move reflects a growing recognition among these groups of the need to adhere to ethical and humanitarian standards even in the realm of cyber-warfare.

Killnet, a notorious pro-Russian hacking group led by its enigmatic figurehead, Killmilk, has been at the forefront of cyber-attacks in the region. 

Killmilk, who started the Telegram group for Killnet shortly after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, now commands a following of 90,000 members.

 Despite his controversial actions, including posting videos of himself desecrating the flags of Ukraine and NATO, he has expressed his agreement with the terms and rules set forth by the Red Cross. 

This surprising pledge from Killnet, which has been accused of having close ties to the Kremlin, holds the potential to reduce cyber-attacks on civilian targets, offering hope for a more peaceful digital landscape.