Cyber-War: Hacktivist Groups in Russia and Ukraine Pledge to Uphold 8 Rules for Hackers


The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre had previously highlighted groups like Killnet as a rising threat to Ukraine’s allies.  UK businesses were cautioned about the increasing frequency of attacks originating from such groups. 

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If Killnet follows through on its commitment, it could mark a significant reduction in cyber-attacks targeting civilian infrastructure.

Similarly, the IT Army of Ukraine, a group boasting 160,000 members on its Telegram channel, has also expressed its intention to adhere to the ICRC’s eight rules. 

This group, known for targeting public services such as railway systems and banks, has acknowledged that compliance may place them at a disadvantage compared to their adversaries. 

Cyber-War fought on Digital Battleground

Nevertheless, their commitment to follow these rules, especially with regard to healthcare targets, is a positive step toward responsible hacking practices.

While the agreement of these prominent hacktivist groups indicates a potential decline in the number of cyber-attacks on civilian targets, it’s important to note that not all hacktivist groups share this commitment.