Dallas zoo: Vulture dies suspicious death, police investigating “strange events” 


It was less than 2-weeks ago when Nova, the clouded leopard was intentionally let out of her habitat. The zoo was closed so she could be safely returned. And the hours-long search for her went viral.

Strange events at the zoo

Police are continuing to investigate a series of strange events at the Dallas Zoo.

Two weeks ago, a Code Blue warning went out when Nova escaped from her enclosure. The Police later said that the leopard’s habitat had a suspicious cut in the enclosure.

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During the January 13 search for the clouded leopard, the zoo claimed she was not dangerous. And she was “bigger than a house cat and smaller than most bobcats.”

Sgt. Warren Mitchell, a public information officer for the Dallas Police told the press while still searching for the clouded leopard that “after investigating, it is our belief that this was an intentional act.”

During the investigation, it was discovered that there were similar cuts in the fenced enclosure area which held the langurs. But all of the langur monkeys were accounted for.