Dan Lounsbury talks the importance of strategy in developing small businesses and life


Spending more time in the private sector, working in the finance, software, telecom and defense industries helped broaden and refine my abilities to analyze a variety of situations and create a strategy to achieve our team objectives. I started my first business in 1998 and have since built 7 different companies.

I’ve created multiple sourcing and production partnership in the U.S. and overseas, spending countless hours developing genuine relationships with valued partners. Over the past 20 years our businesses have sourced thousands of items from factories around the world including Asia (China, Pakistan and Vietnam) and others.

One of the most significant factors which contributed to our growth was surrounding myself with other people who were also driven, ethical and goal oriented. From each of these experiences, I’ve gained knowledge and insight that has helped me develop my own strategies. It took me decades to gain the confidence that has helped me become a happy man and successful business owner and I want to share it with other like-minded people. Entrepreneurs like me who are ready to grow not just their business, but their life.

Building your strategy

My approach to working with clients on their own strategies is straight-forward. I listen to your goals and the road blocks you currently face. I want to know your dreams, your vision, what’s worked, and most importantly what hasn’t worked and why you think that. I’m also interested in how your business strategy works with the life you’re trying to build. What’s your end goal?