Retail Stores Reducing Hours in Wake of Coronavirus


Coronavirus and its spread continue to have massive, global consequences across virtually all aspects of human life. As various governments around the world work overtime in the attempts to stop COVID-19, a lot of serious measures are underway or pending.

Here in America, retail stores are reducing their amount of open hours. This development arrived after countless Americans bought out entire orders of toilet paper and other essentials. Since this behavior, President Trump and health officials have urged against hoarding; moreover, stores are now placing limits on how much of certain items customers can purchase at one time.

As retail stores cut back on their hours, they are also providing special times exclusively for the elderly to shop.

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What to Know About Retail Store Changes in America

Fewer open hours to the public allows retail stores to not only restock their merchandise, but also clean the premises. Due to the nature of shopping and its inherent necessity, stores have a tendency to fill up pretty rapidly. In a situation where the contagious spread of coronavirus is an issue, retailers are being as cautious as possible.

Earlier today, Walmart COO Dacona Smith issued the following statement regarding changes to locations across America:

“Our associates have been nothing short of heroic in their commitment to serve customers. […] When their communities needed them the most, our people have been at their best.”

Setting up shopping periods exclusively for older people is another critical precaution in the wake of COVID-19. Due to the nature of the virus, the elderly and individuals with already-existing health issues are more susceptible to infection. Therefore, allowing elderly people to shop only amongst themselves minimizes risk of exposure, at least to some extent.

Most retail stores across America are now giving the elderly one hour to shop before their locations become available to the rest of the public.

More on Retailers Across America

In the wake of massive store buyouts, the leaders of various grocery stores have maintained contact with President Trump. This largely contributed to the president urging Americans against buying out entire inventories of products.

Furthermore, Trump has confirmed retailers’ commitment to keeping their stores fully stocked for the American people.