Dark Web Murder-for-Hire Plot: Georgia Doctor Pleads Guilty


A Georgia doctor has admitted to orchestrating a murder-for-hire plot through the dark web, aiming to carry out a “cold-hearted murderous plan” to kill his girlfriend.

 Dr. James Wan, aged 54, made a series of moves on the dark web, from procuring a hitman to ensuring that the crime would be made to look like an “accident.” 

Wan paid $16,000 in Bitcoin to secure the services of a hitman. The Department of Justice (DOJ) allege that after a transfer of an $8,000 down payment was lost, 

FBI agents alerted to the serious threat to Wan’s girlfriend, intervened. They provided her with protection. And she was not harmed.

Wan was placed under arrest this week.

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Dark Web Conspiracy

Following his arrest, Wan did not deny his involvement in the murder-for-hire plot.