Deepak Chopra: People Should See Beyond The Crypto Market Crash

Deepak Chopra
Deepak Chopra

2022 has been a bloodbath for the cryptocurrency market, and a traumatizing experience for digital assets investors.

The sector’s total market value collapse followed terraUSD’s crash — one of the most popular U.S. dollar-pegged stablecoins — which lost its peg, resulting in massive losses overnight. But bitcoin and ethereum have also seen dramatic price plummets from their November all-time highs. 

Still, Deepak Chopra says investors can’t ignore the recent crypto market meltdown, but they should be able to see through it.

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“The crypto world is in crisis, having lost trillions of dollars. We’re in a bear market,” Chopra recently told CNBC at Gary Vaynerchuk’s “VeeCon” in Minneapolis.

“Right now is the time to think long-term in these financial markets, including crypto. I think emergence happens when you have maximum diversity of people hanging in there creatively, complimenting each other’s strengths and having some kind of a spiritual and emotional ecosystem where they can help each other and that’s happening right now in the crypto community,” Chopra said