Democrat Lawmakers Gearing Up for Big Time Gun Control Measures


Gun control remains highly popular among the American left. Democrats in favor of gun control argue that anti-Second Amendment legislation will reduce mass shootings and other variations of gun violence.

Republicans, on the other hand, regularly point out the holes in Democrats’ talking points about gun control. For starters, criminals, by definition, do not adhere to restrictions, such as “gun-free zones,” no matter where these zones may be. Furthermore, multiple documented cases exist where a good samaritan with a firearm successfully subdued an armed individual seeking to cause harm.

Nonetheless, Democrats are bound and determined to give gun control their best shot, especially with Joe Biden as president.

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Gun control proposals from a Democrat president and Democrat-controlled Congress

Last month, Biden spoke with left-wing lawmakers and instructed them to move ahead with various anti-gun proposals.

Just a couple of the proposals supported by Biden and congressional Democrats include bans on “assault rifles” and legal liability for gun manufacturers. In layman’s terms, if someone purchases a firearm and then commits a mass shooting, Democrats believe that the manufacturers of that gun ought to be held responsible.

Additional measures include longer waiting periods for firearm purchases, mandatory registration, etc.; however, House Whip James Clyburn warns that this is just the beginning. Rep. Clyburn opined that even more gun control will “save lives” in America; he then went on to claim that universal background checks have the support of gun owners.

Democrats often mention universal background checks; although, not all mass shooters purchase their guns following background checks. Some criminals, such as the Sandy Hook killer, resort to stealing guns. The holes in the universal background checks argument are very apparent; however, Rep. Clyburn and other Democrats won’t address this.

“Come and Take It”

Regarding gun control, many Republican leaders and voters are of the “come and take it” mindset.

Days ago, the National Rifle Association warned that Democrat lawmakers are currently working to force their anti-gun measures through Congress. Biden, of course, won’t hesitate to sign any gun control legislation that appears on this desk, following congressional approval.

Some Republicans are now questioning the constitutional legality of certain gun control measures Democrats seek to pass; hence, there exists a real possibility of lawsuits if Democrat lawmakers’ measures are successful.