Democrat Marianne Williamson Jumps Back into the 2024 Presidential Race


Throughout this year’s Democratic primary, Joe Biden’s faced direct challenges from fellow party members Dean Phillips and Marianne Williamson. Both candidates have made the case that their visions and leadership styles remain preferable to what another four years of Biden in the White House would entail.

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In spite of this, the incumbent president currently holds 206 delegates of the 1,968 that he needs to secure the Democrat Party’s nominee. Amid the Democratic National Committee refusing to host any primary debates, the party’s been accused of essentially coronating Biden as the nominee.

While Phillips’ presidential campaign remains ongoing, Williamson suspended hers on exactly three weeks ago on February 7. Earlier today, the author announced that she’s re-entering the race for president of the United States.

What to know about Williamson’s return to the 2024 election field

In a video on X, the Democratic candidate stated her campaign is, as of today, officially “unsuspended.” According to Williamson, she ended her bid three weeks ago after determining that she wasn’t winning the “horse race.”