Democratic Rep Cori Bush Shows Support for Jail Riot After Officer is Assaulted


Just under 120 inmates forcefully took over a section of the City Justice Center in downtown St. Louis on Saturday. With the goal of destroying property, the group smashed windows and started fires within the building. Some, even threw furniture to the street below.

The initial chaos began shortly after 2:30 am when a ‘defiant’ inmate assaulted an officer. This, then prompted  several other inmates to join the vicious attack.

Nearly 8 hours later, officials were able to bring the ‘extremely violent’ chaos to an end. Allegedly, concerns over COVID-19 spread, limitations on visitors, and slowed court proceedings during the pandemic prompted the riot.

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Hours later, Representative Cori Bush (D-MO) took to twitter. Her seeming statement of support for the rioters, stating their grievances need to be addressed and she would do so.

Quoting Martin Luther King Jr., Bush wrote: ‘“A riot is the language of the unheard.”’

She continued: ‘I want to talk to my constituents in the window,’ Bush tweeted, referring to the inmates. ‘Their lives and their rights must be protected. My team and I are working to ensure that the urgent needs of people who are incarcerated are not ignored.’

One Twitter follower responded with a quote from the same speech Rep Bush cited.

“Riots are socially destructive and self-defeating… So I will continue to condemn riots, and continue to say to my brothers and sisters that this is not the way. And continue to affirm that there is another way.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Another user added: ‘Aren’t they just thugs like the Capitol rioters? Or were the Capitol rioters the ‘unheard’ also? Which way do you want it?’

What Does the Future Hold?

The question must be asked, will Democratic Leaders release this set of rules to the public denoting which protests in particular are approved?

By continuing the rhetoric of supporting some protests over others, the nation can’t unify. Leadership continues to sow the seeds of discord via social media.

Currently, division is continuing to deepen, directly at the fingertips of all leaders via social media as they perform to the masses and make liberty akin to a reality show that does not impact their lives or power.

If the country is to move forward with racial equity and unification, there can not be two sets of rules to govern the people.

Decades ago, this nation learned that terrible lesson which set us in motion for current civil unrest. Leaders wrongly oppressed minority groups, and at present, seem to distract the public by turning political sides against one another.

The public may, once again, be at a point where the people must unite, independent of leadership to effect change which puts all average Americans on the path to healing and success.