Democratic Senator Weighs In On President Trump’s State of the Union Address


Many Democrats are facing condemnation from what conservatives and others view as inappropriate conduct during President Trump’s State of the Union Address last night. However, as documented by The Daily Wire, there is one Democrat who has publicly condemned the behavior of his colleagues.

Joe Manchin on President Trump’s SOTU Address

During President Trump’s Tuesday night State of the Union Address, Democrats made no attempts to conceal their aversion. They conversed among themselves, scrolled through cellphones, and displayed what many Americans censured as complete disrespect. Moreover, Democrats also came under fire for booing when the President acknowledged violence committed by illegal immigrants, as noted by The Gateway Pundit.

Despite the aforementioned behaviors of most Democrats, at least one has displayed a different disposition. During the SOTU, West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin actually applauded when President Trump discussed matters such as energy and Christianity. Not only did Manchin decline to scowl and boo throughout the Address, but earlier today, he criticized Democrats who partook in these behaviors: