Democrats More Concerned about Beating Trump than Policy Issues, Says New Poll


As more and more Democrats enter the 2020 presidential election, candidates are eager to appeal to their voter base and secure their party’s nomination.

Now, candidates have traditionally attempted to appeal to voters based on policy issues; however, policy is not what Democrat voters are prioritizing this election season.

According to a Hill-HarrisX poll, the majority of Democrats care more about whether their prospective nominee can defeat President Trump than about policy issues.

Reviewing Data from the Hill-HarrisX Poll

65% of Democrats or Democrat-leaning Independents believe that defeating President Trump is the most important aspect for a 2020 nominee. Only 35% of polled individuals conversely prioritized a candidate who supports their stance on policy matters.

60% of polled men and 70% of polled women furthermore stated that beating President Trump matters more than a singular policy issue. The support of winning the election over sharing agreements on policies is consistent amongst polled Democrats, regardless of age.

Every Democrat candidate has come out against the president. However, there are speculations about which candidate is most fit to take on Trump in 2020. Thus far, each of the Democrats in the race wants their shot and are working overtime to rise above the in-party competition.

As of now, former Vice President Joe Biden is leading by a substantial amount. Earlier this month, Trump stated that he will likely face Biden in the general election.

Will Democrats Defeat President Trump in 2020?

At this point, multiple polls have shown Democrat candidates defeating Trump in a hypothetical, present-day general election. However, there is plenty of time between now and November 2020. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that many polls projected that Clinton would beat Trump on Election Day 2016; we all know how that turned out.

Ultimately, only time will tell whether or not Democrats regain control of the White House in 2020. At this time, their party is very divided. Despite the unified desire to defeat Trump, there is a split between progressives and Democrat voters. Biden is leading amongst Democrat voters; yet progressives can’t stand the former vice president and believe that he is too much of a centrist.

There is much happening in politics today. Surely, this will all play a role in the 2020 presidential election and impact which candidate wins.