Democrats Largely Split on Views of Pro-Palestine Demonstrations


Over the past eight months, Americans who support Palestine over Israel haven’t hesitated to make their views clear. Countless demonstrations to this effect regularly take place across multiple college campuses and other public spaces.

Unfortunately, these protests have a tendency to turn violent. They often demand the presence of law enforcement, which has arrested multiple individuals for behaviors that go well beyond constitutionally protected protests.

Democrats are far more likely than Republicans to favor Palestine over Israel. However, when it comes to the left’s views of pro-Palestine rallies happening on college campuses, the consensus is not as unanimous as some folks might expect.

The latest polling reveals some interesting details

New findings from Politico-Morning Consult show that 28% of Democrats agree with demonstrators who are showing up in support of Palestine. Among this group of Democrats, they also feel these protesters are doing “the right thing.”

Meanwhile, another 46% of Democrats also agree with pro-Palestine supporters. However, they do believe some actions on college campuses have gone a bridge too far. Roughly one-third of Democrats told Politico-Morning Consult that they do not hold a supportive view of these gatherings.