Delaware Jury Convicts Hunter Biden on All Three Felony Charges


In the United States, lying on forms required to purchase a firearm is no small offense. It’s a serious crime that can lead to felony prosecution and years behind bars.

Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, was accused of doing exactly this. Delaware prosecutors charged the first son with lying about his addiction to illegal substances while buying a Coly revolver firearm back in 2018.

While Hunter’s legal team attempted to beat the three felony charges against him, they ultimately did not succeed. Earlier this week, news broke that the federal jury in Delaware found the first son guilty on all counts.

What happens next?

The jury’s deliberation on the matter lasted just shy of three hours. In the end, they determined that Hunter did, in fact, commit the following crimes:

  • Knowingly lying on federal background check documentation
  • Owing a firearm while using drugs or being addicted to drugs

In the aftermath of his conviction, the first son currently faces a $750,000 fine, along with 25 years in prison. However, it is unlikely that Hunter will meet the maximum penalty of sentencing, due to this being his first offense.