FBI Whistleblower Report Claims Political Bias and Retaliation 


Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’ report suggests that FBI Whistleblower colleagues were questioned about his support for former President Donald Trump and his stance on the Covid-19 vaccine. 

The report indicates that these employees, including the whistleblower, had their top-secret security clearances revoked in the aftermath of the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot.

The DOJ OIG inquiry found that the FBI had inappropriately retaliated against whistleblowers when it suggested they should quit their job, illegally withheld pay, and suspended their security clearances. 

Represented by a non-governmental and nonprofit organization Empower Oversight, the whistleblower’s case was highlighted in a May 2024 letter.  President Tristan Leavitt claims that Leavitt disclosed that the organization had obtained a set of “pre-printed” questions presented to the whistleblower’s colleagues.

The Clearance Investigations Unit’s questionnaire sought to determine whether the whistleblower had ever “vocalized support for President Trump,” “vocalized objection to Covid-19 vaccination,” “vocalized intent to attend January 6, 2021,” or “attended the Richmond Lobby Day event on January 18, 2021.”