Hunter Biden Felony Conviction: Joe Biden demands Stricter Laws for Unsecured Guns 


Hunter Biden, 54, became the first child of a sitting president to receive a felony conviction on Tuesday. A federal jury in Delaware found him guilty of three counts related to lying about his drug use in order to buy a gun.

Prosecutors Leo Wise and Derek Hines argued the President Biden’s son knowingly lied on a gun application form. Hunter bought a Colt Cobra .38-caliber revolver on Oct. 12, 2018 from a Wilmington gun shop.

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Felony Conviction

Hunter’s attorneys denied that he was using drugs at the time of the gun purchase. But there was ample evidence that throughout 2018 he was hooked on crack cocaine. 

The government used Hunter’s own words from his 2021 memoir, “Beautiful Things” along with the first son’s communications, and data taken from his now infamous laptop.