Democrats Move to Access Trump’s Tax Returns


House Democrats are currently employing their recently gained majority as a tool to gain access to the tax returns of President Donald Trump.

How Will Democrats Get President Trump’s Tax Returns?

Democrats are eager to see President Trump’s tax returns to uncover any alleged conflicts of interest. In order to successfully achieve their goals, Democrats are weaponizing the Ways and Means Committee subcommittee hearing.

Richard Neal, the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, has stated that strategic means will occur in order to access the president’s tax returns. This latest move by the House Democrats is extremely likely to prompt a considerable legal conflict. However, Democrats appear to believe that they are on the right side of things.

Bill Pascrell, one of the Democrats involved in this latest push, explained the reasoning behind the aforementioned belief:

“When we have cause for concern over conflicts or tax violations, we have every reason to use the authority given to this committee. The law is on our side.”

Since the inception of Donald Trump’s entry into the political arena, calls for the release of his tax returns have mounted. The president, however, ongoingly maintains that he has not released his tax returns due to an underway audit by the IRS. Critics of his reasoning note that IRS audits do not inherently prohibit the release of tax returns. Nevertheless, Trump is following the advice of his lawyers who have urged him not to release his tax returns.

Do the Democrats Really Have Pure Intentions?

The push to obtain access to President Trump’s tax returns has met its fair amount of censure. Many Americans within the right-wing do not believe that Democrats have pure intentions. As a matter of fact, conservatives and Trump supporters overwhelmingly maintain that this latest push is politically motivated.

Since Trump’s presidency commenced, Democrats vowed to resist and impeach him at all costs. Therefore, many Americans view the latest push for tax returns as merely another attempt to stick it to Trump.

Other individuals noted the timing of the Democrats’ case. The United States government will likely face another shutdown on February 15th; this is due to the recurring impasse which President Trump and Democrats face over funding for the Southern border wall. Due to the current circumstances, some people have made the case that Democrats ought to be focusing on keeping government open instead of digging up tax returns.