Democrats Prepare New Strategy Ahead of 2022 Midterms


The 2022 midterm elections are a little over one year away. As these races get closer, Democrat candidates do not have much good news to campaign on. The current Democrat president in office has killed jobs, heightened social unrest, empowered terrorists, alienated U.S. allies, and worse.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration is flirting with the possibility of a government shutdown. This potential shutdown will come at a time when Democrats are fully in control of the federal government; they won’t be able to pass the blame over to Republicans.

Even though Democrats aren’t openly admitting this, they know having Biden campaign for his party’s candidates won’t do them any favors. Therefore, the Democrat Party is tapping Vice President Kamala Harris as the point person to help them out.

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Democrats’ plans for the vice president

Democrats have alienated many of their own voters. Some leftists are disappointed that the Biden administration has yet to erase student loan debt or tackle “climate change”; likewise, certain Democrat voters are even admitting they’re feeling the impacts of inflation.

The Democrat Party’s goals for the midterms are getting voters to turn out and expanding their House and Senate majorities. Therefore, leftists are banking on Harris to attract young voters, Independents, and women to the polls to vote for Democrats.

Thus far, the vice president is set to attend a fundraising event and engage in other causes to promote Democrat running for Congress.

The problem with the Harris strategy

It is very apparent that Democrat candidates aim to avoid Biden’s baggage and rising disapproval ratings. However, Harris is Biden’s vice president. Therefore, it’s odd the party believes the vice president of an unpopular administration can bring out voters.

Furthermore, Harris herself does not have the best poll numbers either. Many Americans are not pleased with the vice president’s failure to get the border under control, despite Biden tapping her as the point person for this.

The Democrat Party has a tough road ahead. Right now, Republicans remain highly projected to take back the House of Representatives. The Senate majority is not that far out of reach for Republicans, either.