Should Democrats Prioritize Border Security?


At this time, immigration and events happening at the Southern border are hot topics in American politics.

With the 2020 presidential election getting closer and closer, there are beliefs that Democrats need to focus on border security.

Border Security and Partisanship

An op-ed writer for The Hill noted Democrats’ past stance on illegal immigration. In prior years, unlawful entry into the United States is something which Democrats opposed. As a matter of fact, leftists from the past openly stated that illegal immigration must be stopped and talk about a physical barrier took place.

As many Americans know, this talk is presently non-existent amongst the Democrat Party. The Democrats of today are not in opposition to illegal immigration; as a matter of fact, the left-wing is overwhelmingly supportive of paths to citizenship and various programs to help those who have illegally entered America.

The op-ed writer furthermore notes that issues at the border used to have a bipartisan willingness to solve. This is no longer the case and many on the right-wing believe that Democrats are in denial about situations happening at the Southern border.