Democrats Set to Lose Majority in House of Representatives


Impeachment proceedings against President Trump ended last week after the Senate collectively voted for an acquittal. Now, while the president is indeed acquitted for life, the aftermath of proceedings brought against him isn’t over; this is particularly applicable when it comes to Democrats.

In the wake of the aforementioned proceedings, Trump’s poll numbers shot up, as did the fundraising amounts for the Republican National Committee. With impeachment resulting in a significant failure for Democrats, the optics look terrible for their party. In fact, the optics and aftermath are so negative that it’s likely to cost Democrats their majority in the House of Representatives.

John McLaughlin, a Trump pollster, admitted as much during a sit-down with The Cats Roundtable.

The Likelihood of a Majority Loss for Democrats

During yesterday’s interview, McLaughlin explained that the left’s attempts to remove Trump from office “backfired.” As a result, the pollster maintains that Republicans are quite “likely” to regain majority control in the House.