Democrats Slammed As “Complicit” In Murders Committed by Illegal Aliens


A new Trump campaign ad slammed Democrats as “complicit” in murders that are executed by illegal immigrants, reports The Hill.

Everything You Need To Know About the Trump Campaign Ad

The pro-Trump ad, titled ‘Complicit,’ slammed Democrats who have championed DACA and amnesty. While displaying images of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, the voice-over stated:

President Trump is right. Build the wall, deport criminals, stop illegal immigration now. Democrats who stand in our way will be complicit in every murder committed by illegal immigrants.

The ad’s release came exactly one year after President Trump’s inauguration and on the first day of this year’s government shutdown. Both Republicans and Democrats have their own notions on why the government is closed for business and why the military and other public servants are not being paid for their services. While Republicans affirm that Democrats are prioritizing illegal immigrants and DACA recipients over Americans, Democrats feel differently.

The Democrats overwhelmingly decided against supporting the Friday spending bill designed to keep the government open. Why? According to them, Republicans did not include protection for illegal immigrants. However, as noted by House Speaker Paul Ryan, the deadline for a DACA resolution is weeks away.

Day Two of the U.S. Government Shutdown

Sunday, January 21, 2018 marks Day 2 of America’s government shutdown. Both sides are blaming each other. Thus far, there seems to be no viable resolution in sight.

Many Americans have expressed frustration with the current government shutdown, as well. Like their leaders, liberal voters have stated that since Republicans control the government, they are to blame for the shutdown. However, conservative voters have countered this argument. While the GOP does control the government, the spending bill to keep the government up and running required 60 votes and only 51 Republicans occupy Senate seats.

Republican leaders have moreover taken to social media to bemoan the government shutdown and note the Democrats’ involvement:

President Trump has also weighed in with his thoughts and noted the importance of Republicans securing additional seats in the Senate during this year’s midterm elections:

Americans currently have no idea when the current government shutdown will come to an end.