DeSantis to Pick Up Critical Endorsement From Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds


In late May, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis formally announced his candidacy for the 2024 presidential race. DeSantis, fresh off a cozy cruise to reelection as governor, made freedom, rejecting decline, and delivering for America key hallmarks of his campaign.

The Florida governor enjoys much support among the GOP base, especially from voters who feel disillusioned with chaos in politics and long for a return to sanity.

Throughout DeSantis’ campaign, former President Trump and Trump’s supporters have unleashed numerous attacks against him. However, rather than going after DeSantis on policy issues, the attacks tend to focus on what Trump supporters think of his shoes, attire, or “charisma.”

Meanwhile, the Florida governor has made it clear he’s going to focus on policy and getting the job done. This looks to be paying off, as DeSantis is now expected to secure a critical endorsement in the GOP primary.

Iowa governor set to endorse DeSantis for president

Earlier this year, DeSantis appeared at the Iowa State Fair and other political events with Iowa Gov. Reynolds. This morning, news broke that Reynolds will endorse her Floridian counterpart tomorrow.