New Jersey High School Student’s Creation of Pornographic Deepfakes Leaves Classmates Terrified


Westfield High School in New Jersey is reeling as students learn that one of their peers allegedly harnessed artificial intelligence (AI) technology to generate explicit images without the consent of their fellow female classmates. The use of AI to create these disturbing deepfakes has the student body demanding action.

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Francesca Mani, a student at Westfield stumbled upon deepfake images of herself and other students. 

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Online Deepfakes 

A male classmate had exploited a genuine photograph of her, utilizing an AI app to craft explicit content, as reported by local news outlet WNYW. To make matters worse, the creation of these deepfakes allegedly took place during the summer, but students only became aware of them in October.

Mani, who was one of the victims, expressed her dismay, stating, “I never thought, being like a student, AI didn’t even come to my mind. I just thought it would be like creeps on the internet.” Fearing for her privacy and those of her fellow classmates, she promptly reported the incident to the school principal.