DeSantis vs. Biden Feud Continues to Escalate


The Florida governor wasn’t finished, though. DeSantis professed that he is the “governor who” protects jobs, businesses, freedoms, and parents’ rights to make decisions about their kids’ education.

As of this writing, Biden has not provided a coherent response to the Florida governor’s latest statement.

DeSantis vs. Biden in 2024?

There is serious speculation about and support for Governor DeSantis making a run for president in 2024. If DeSantis does go for the White House during the next election cycle, this would put him squarely against Biden…again.

The White House, not just the president, is also regularly taking aim at Florida and the governor. Apparently, Biden administration is highly displeased with parents having a say-so in whether or not their children wear face masks in school.

The DeSantis vs. Biden feud has made one reality very clear; the Florida governor won’t stand for tyranny, big government intrusion, or authoritarianism.