DeSantis vs. Biden Feud Continues to Escalate


With merely one week past into a new month, President Biden has already created more conflict, rather than resolving problems. The 46th president’s latest conflict comes in relation to Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis.

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A history of the DeSantis vs. Biden feud

Days ago, Biden demanded for Republican governors to “get out [of] the way.” This came in response to GOP governors barring schools from implementing mask mandates. Republican governors like Florida’s DeSantis and Texas’ Abbott believe that the decision for kids to wear masks belongs to parents.

DeSantis pushed back against Biden’s demand by stating that he would absolutely stand in the way of Biden trampling on freedoms and parents’ rights. The Florida governor also called on the president to do his job and get the Southern border under control.

When asked about DeSantis’ rebuttal, Biden snidely pretended that he didn’t know who DeSantis is. Biden did this by saying “Governor Who?”

DeSantis responds again

Like last time, the Florida governor did not allow reckless talking points from the president to go unchecked. DeSantis stated that it’s not a shock that Biden supposedly forgot who he is; the Florida governor also pointed out that Biden has forgotten Cuban protesters, nationwide inflation, and even the U.S. Constitution.