Desperate Russian troops are building ‘Frankenstein Tanks’


 Former British tank commander Hamish de Bretton-Gordon expressed concerns about the state of the Russian army, claiming that using makeshift war weapons is similar to terrorist organizations like al-Qaeda and ISIS.

Reports also indicate that the Russian army is pulling turrets from naval patrol boats to weld onto already damaged tanks and similar armored vehicles. 

The news of Russia’s “Frankenstein tanks” follows recent reports of soldiers forced to use shovels to fight in Ukraine. 

According to the UK Ministry of Defense, Russian reservists described being “neither physically nor psychologically” prepared for action, with an increase in close combat in Ukraine being reported.

The use of shovels and makeshift combat vehicles highlights the struggle that the Russian military is currently facing. 

The ammunition shortage and lack of preparedness have left soldiers with few options, forcing them to resort to unconventional methods.

While the construction of “Frankenstein tanks” may seem like a desperate move, it is not entirely surprising given the situation. It remains to be seen how effective these vehicles will be in a combat situation.