Desperate Russian troops are building ‘Frankenstein Tanks’


Vladimir Putin’s army has reportedly resorted to constructing “Frankenstein tanks.” They are using spare parts from damaged tanks to compensate for the significant loss of armored vehicles in Ukraine. 

The Russian military has been facing a devastating ammunition shortage, with troops allegedly fighting with shovels. 

At least one squadron of Russian troops was documented attacking a rival battalion using only “firearms and shovels” last month, as reported by the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense.

“The ‘shovels’ are likely entrenching tools being employed for hand-to-hand combat,” the UK report continued.

 “The lethality of the standard-issue MPL-50 entrenching tool is particularly mythologized in Russia.”


Frankenstein Tanks to the front

In addition to the use of shovels, some Russian soldiers are reportedly cobbling together parts of destroyed armored vehicles to create makeshift combat vehicles, while others are relying on dated Cold War-era T-62s instead of the new T-14 Armata tanks promised to them.