Devastation Strikes: Over 800 Lives Lost in Morocco Earthquake


An Interior Ministry official confirmed widespread damage to several buildings in the affected areas, though specific figures remain unavailable at this time. The aftermath of this earthquake has left hundreds more injured and countless homes destroyed.

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The Moroccan army and local authorities have mobilized all available resources to provide assistance and assess the extent of the damage. State news agency MAP reported ongoing efforts to support those affected.

Nasser Jabour, the director of the National Institute of Geophysics, revealed that the earthquake’s impact extended as far as 250 miles from its epicenter. He noted that this event marked the first occurrence of such a violent earthquake in Morocco in a century, with hundreds of aftershocks continuing to rattle the region.

The earthquake unleashed widespread panic among residents and tourists, with reports of people fleeing their homes and seeking refuge in the open streets.

Marrakesh, Nasser Jabour, and other cities were gripped by fear, and the tremors even reached as far as Rabat and Casablanca, as reported by the local newspaper Le Matin.