US Appeals Court Gives Texas a “Stay” of Order to Remove Controversial Border Buoy 


In a recent legal development, a US appellate court issued an “administrative stay” temporarily halting a federal judge’s order requiring Texas to remove its border buoy barricade. The floating barrier was court-ordered to be removed from the river border with Mexico by September 15. 

Texas Governor Greg Abbott had commissioned the installation to deter migrant crossings, leading to a heated legal battle. 

Border Buoy

Texas invested $850,000 in the construction of the border buoys. Judge Ezra provided a detailed description of the buoys, emphasizing their substantial and permanent nature.

 They consist of four-foot spheres interconnected by heavy metal cables, secured by numerous anchors. These buoys were installed alongside razor-wire barriers onshore in July.

The installation of border buoys in the Rio Grande by Texas authorities sparked a contentious debate over immigration policies and legal boundaries.

Governor Abbott’s move to construct the floating barrier was met with a federal court order to remove it, citing a violation of the Rivers and Harbors Act of 1899.