Google Implements New Rules Requiring Disclosure of AI-Altered Political Ads Ahead of 2024 Election


As the 2024 Presidential election approaches, Google has announced significant changes to its political content policy. In response to the increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) and AI-altered political ads, the tech giant has introduced new rules. 

It now mandates the prominent disclosure of AI-altered political ads on its platforms, including Google and YouTube.

 The aim is to address concerns surrounding the authenticity and transparency of campaign materials in the digital age.

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Google’s New Disclosure Rules

Under the updated policy, any political advertising materials that feature “synthetic” or artificially altered content, including people, voices, or events, must prominently disclose their use of AI within the advertisement itself. 

While Google already prohibits the use of deepfake content in advertising, the expanded disclosure rules encompass any AI alterations beyond minor edits, as reported by the Washington Post.

Google is not enforcing a complete ban on AI in political advertising. The company allows exceptions for AI-generated content that does not significantly impact the claims made in the ad.