DHS Moves Against Sanctuary City Leaders


We’ve got to start charging some of these politicians with crimes.

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Controversy Regarding Sanctuary Cities

Debates over the existence of sanctuary cities have dominated the political scene for quite some time. Many liberals and progressives are all for these cities. They believe that illegal immigrants deserve to be treated not as criminals, but as “dreamers.” This is in spite of the fact that illegal immigrants cost American taxpayers roughly $116 billion dollars annually. More often than not, the argument for sanctuary cities employs the emotional appeal as opposed to a pragmatic one.

Conservative Americans, on the other hand, are generally against the existence of sanctuary cities.  Firstly, aiding and abetting known criminals is a crime in this country. Secondly, as noted by Nielsen, many ICE officials often face harm due to the enabling of sanctuary cities. The majority of Republicans and other members of President Trump’s base agree that people must enter American legally. Moreover, critics of sanctuary cities view illegal immigration as a slap in the face to both lawful immigrants and American citizens.