Discovery Mishap Leads to Suspension for Alex Jones Attorney


Last Friday it was released that Norm Pattis, Alex Jones trial lawyer, will be suspected from practicing law for six months after what the judge calls “careless” and “stunning” release of confidential personal information of some of the Sandy Hook families during the massive defamation lawsuit. Pattis supposedly disclosed both financial and medical information, as described in the order entered last week. The information was Highlighted as “Highly Confidential – Attorneys’ Eyes Only” and was only released under a protective order last year. The release of information qualifies as a breach of the Connecticut Rules of Professional Conduct. The judge also found that Norm Pattis committed misconduct.

In the order, the record Judge Bellis wrote, “In addition to the actual harm the plaintiffs suffered by the unauthorized dissemination of the medical and other records, the potential harm is stunning. The unauthorized disclosure … was revealed on the record in a public trial in Texas that was live-streamed, and easily could have been made part of the record.”