DOJ Files Lawsuit against California over Sanctuary Policies


Attorney General Jeff Sessions

According to him, the decent and good people of this country are right for insisting to “end illegality, create a rational flow of immigration, and protect the nation from criminal aliens.”

Additionally, Sessions pointed out, “Immigration law is the province of the federal government…There is no nullification.  There is no secession.  Federal law is “the supreme law of the land.”

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Furthermore, the U.S. Attorney General said they have a problem with California because of its series of actions that adversely and directly affects the work of federal officers. He cited the fact that Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf has been actively helping undocumented immigrants avoid apprehension by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

“So here’s my message to Mayor Schaaf: How dare you.  How dare you needlessly endanger the lives of law enforcement just to promote your radical open borders agenda,” said Sessions.

Moreover, Sessions said, “California is using every power it has—and some it doesn’t—to frustrate federal law enforcement. So you can be sure I’m going to use every power I have to stop them.”