Domestic Violence: Helping Loved Ones Break Free From Abuse


Domestic violence is no joke. Nationwide and around the world, an untold number of people face abuse at the hands of their romantic partners who are supposed to love them.

Many people in these situations want to leave, but also face certain barriers, such as limited to no finances. Domestic violence perpetrators likewise have a tendency to intentionally implement barriers that make it as challenging as possible for their victims to escape.

Abusers ultimately thrive on power and the control they have over those they’re consistently mistreating. It’s for this very reason that once someone prepares to leave a domestic violence situation, they are especially at risk.

While one way of lessening the danger involved is for the victim to not let their abuser know they’re planning to escape, external support from loved ones goes a long way towards helping people break free from abuse.

Combatting isolation imposed by abusers

Domestic violence perpetrators know exactly what they’re doing when they harm their partners. One key tactic employed by these individuals includes isolating the victim of domestic violence from their relatives, friends, and other loved ones.