Domestic Violence: Helping Loved Ones Break Free From Abuse


Hence, one significant way of helping a domestic violence victim is to let them know you’re there for them. Even if this person has pulled away, previously defended their relationship, or otherwise angered you, letting someone in this situation know you have their back is so important.

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People who engage in domestic violence often tell their victims that no one else will love them, believe what they say, or want to have anything to do with them. When someone internalizes these lies, their likelihood of remaining in an abusive situation drastically increases.

Throwing out a necessary lifeline

Many people who suffer from abuse at the hands of their partners do want a way out. Though fears of destitution after leaving a domestic violence situation persist, as victims are often completely financially dependent on their abusers.

As such, the loved ones of someone in this situation must throw them a necessary lifeline, should they seek an out from their abuser.

Doing this means informing a victim of domestic violence that they can stay with you or in another safe place after leaving their abuser. Escapees of these situations require help and support, sometimes for quite a while.