Doug Jones Defends Questionable Individual


New reports from Fox News allege that Democrat Doug Jones, who is currently running for Alabama Senate, once defended Tom Posey, a man with links to the Ku Klux Klan and Holocaust deniers.

Everything You Need to Know About Jones’ Defense of Posey

In 1987, Jones served as Posey’s attorney. In this particular case, Posey faced allegations that he shipped illegal weaponry to rebels of Nicaraguan. At the time, this conduct breached U.S. law. However, due to Jones’ representation, Posey walked away from all charges against him.

Posey’s infamous reputation donned him as a extreme right winger. He is also known for founding the Civilian Military Assistance (CMA). A year before Jones defended Posey, the CMA gained recognition for their ties to the KKK, the CIA, and various shady involvements with Latin American crime.

Statement from Doug Jones and America’s Response

When asked about Jones’ representation of Posey, his campaign spokesperson issued the following response:

Doug’s commitment to civil and human rights has been unwavering, as demonstrated by his well-documented career. This case only involved Posey’s activities with the Contras and these charges [got] dismissed by a federal judge in Florida. Doug also represented Mr. Posey when he cooperated with congressional investigators.

Many of Jones’ supporters share the attitude expressed by his campaign. However, critics of Jones question his prior support of Posey and wonder if Jones is truly who he portrays himself to be.

The Alabama Senate race shall come to a close on December 12, 2017.