Drs in Luhansk Oblast are refusing to treat sick and wounded Wagner Group mercenaries


According to a Ukraine General Staff report doctors in Yuvileine are refusing to provide medical assistance to mercenaries from the Russian private military company (PMC) Wagner Group. The doctors claim that most soldiers are carriers of diseases like HIV/AIDS, syphilis, and tuberculosis. Most of the cases have gone untreated for years.

The group, also known as “Putin’s private army,” has been recruiting in Russian prisons. They have been offering some of the worst criminals an amnesty deal in return for signing up for the battlefield in Ukraine. Russian prisons are notorious for terrible conditions and lack of modern medical facilities.

Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence claims that Wagner provides wristbands to the convicts-turned-soldiers. The wristbands indicate the disease. Red bands are for HIV. And white bands are for hepatitis.

There have been reports that several fighters with HIV and hepatitis are already in Ukrainian captivity. And the prisoners confirm the mass recruitment of infected prisoners by Wagner.