Drug cartels blamed for kidnapping Americans, two dead, 2 survivors return to the US


Zalandria Brown’s brother Zindell Brown was one of the two Americans killed. The group drove from South Carolina so one of them could get a tummy tuck in Matamoros. 

“This is like a bad dream you wish you could wake up from,” Zalandria told the AP. “To see a member of your family thrown in the back of a truck and dragged, it is just unbelievable.”

Federal investigators are working with other federal and international partners to determine the facts of what happened and hold those responsible accountable for their crimes.

Drug Cartels make traveling to Mexico dangerous

It is not just the Americans who are at risk. Many Mexicans, including journalists, politicians, and ordinary citizens, have also fallen victims to the escalating violence.

 According to Forbes, Mexico is the second-most dangerous country in the world, with 35,558 homicides recorded in 2020, an increase of 1.6% from the previous year.

According to data researcher Statista, nearly 29 million traveled to Mexico in 2021. And at least 75 U.S. citizens died in Mexico by homicide that year, U.S. State Department statistics show.