Drug Lords, Mafiosos, and PacNet? How the Controversial Payment Processor Ended Up on the Naughty List


The best and most common method to overturn an executive order is through the White House, where a new president’s administration could legally reverse an order by the old administration. An example of this is President Bill Clinton’s reversal of an executive order by Ronald Reagan that barred the use of federal funds for abortion in 1993. President Obama notably overturned a 2001 order by President George W. Bush that restricted public access to the records of former presidents.

In PacNet’s case, the incoming Trump administration could overturn the Obama administration’s Executive Order. Reversing the order would eliminate the TCO designation, which would then make it legal for PacNet to operate in the United States, and allow access to frozen funds and assets. While President-Elect Donald Trump has been public about his intentions to reverse many of the Obama administration’s orders, he hasn’t made any statements about this particular one.