Eclipse Panic: Online Personality Commits Tragic Murder-Suicide Fearing the Apocalypse


Police report that the tragic murder-suicide was committed by a Los Angeles woman who feared Monday’s eclipse was the apocalypse. Danielle Johnson, 34 stabbed her boyfriend to death and later pushed her 8-month-old baby onto a freeway before killing herself.

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Neighbors say Johnson and Jaelen Allen Chaney, 29 were heard arguing in their Woodland Hills apartment at 3:40 am. Then Johnson stabbed Chaney and fled with her two children in her Porsche SUV. She was spotted on the freeway pushing her kids out of the car.

 LAPD Lt. Guy Golan told local news outlet ABC7 that “The suspect slowed the vehicle and opened the passenger door for her daughter and told her to get out of the car. When the daughter didn’t do that, she forcibly pushed her out of the vehicle in the middle of the freeway while moving.”

Golan said the 9-year-old was holding her sister when they were thrown out of the car. The baby died after being struck by another vehicle.

Johnson then drove her car to Redondo Beach, about 15 miles away. And crashed into a tree at speeds over 100 mph.