Suicide Now on the Rise Across the United States


It’s not uncommon for people to turn to suicide when they feel stuck, depressed, or otherwise locked into a situation with no apparent way out. Thoughts and acts of suicide often emerge in extreme moments of duress or in the middle of mental health episodes.

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For these reasons, people are routinely encouraged to not just take good care of themselves, but also look out for their loved ones. Sometimes, knowing who’s struggling with anxiety, depression, or other problems that may prompt them to take their own lives is easier said than done.

Unfortunately, recent studies indicate that suicide is rising, not falling, among key demographics. This is extremely problematic and warrants the need for mindful changes. Surprisingly, college athletes remain among the top groups seeing spikes of persons ending their own lives.

The uptick in suicide rates is spreading across multiple demographics

20 years ago, suicide accounted for only 7.6% of deaths among athletic college students. Today, that rate stands at a staggering 15.3%. This demographic isn’t the only one facing heightened risks of suicide, however.