Special Grand Jury Indicts Former Assistant Principal in Virginia Case Where 6-Year-Old Shot Teacher


A special grand jury in Virginia has indicted Dr. Ebony Parker, the former assistant principal of Richneck Elementary School, on eight counts of felony child neglect. This indictment stems from an incident last year where a 6-year-old student shot his teacher, Abby Zwerner.

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Security Risks Dismissed or Ignored

According to the findings of the special grand jury, administrators at Richneck Elementary School either dismissed or ignored security risks before the tragic incident occurred. Despite repeated warnings about the presence of a firearm in the possession of the young student, no effective action was taken to prevent the unfortunate event.

Abby Zwerner, the victim of the shooting, had filed a $40 million lawsuit against school district officials, citing their failure to address the alarming situation adequately. 

Former Vice Principal Indicted

Parker was arrested Tuesday.