Special Grand Jury Indicts Former Assistant Principal in Virginia Case Where 6-Year-Old Shot Teacher


She stands accused of neglecting her duty after being informed by multiple staff members that the child brought a gun to school on the day of the shooting.  Parker allegedly took no action.

The Grand jury report claimed, “Dr. Parker’s lack of response and initiative given the seriousness of the information she had received on January 6, 2023, is shocking.” 

The report said the gun jammed after the boy fired the first shot, seriously wounding his teacher. Seven bullets remained in the magazine in the gun. 

The Newport News Commonwealth Attorney’s Office issued a statement explaining that the eight counts of felony child neglect are consistent with the eight bullets.

Parker faces up to 40 years in prison with each count carrying a sentence of up to five years.

The child shooter’s mother, Deja Taylor, was sentenced last year on Federal gun charges to 21 months in prison. 

She also was sentenced to two years on Virginia charges for enabling the shooting. She pleaded guilty to state and federal charges.

Special Grand Jury Report

The grand jury’s report highlighted several missed opportunities and baffling decisions by the school administration in the lead-up to the incident.