Special Grand Jury Indicts Former Assistant Principal in Virginia Case Where 6-Year-Old Shot Teacher


It criticized the handling of the student’s disciplinary record, which included prior instances of aggression. The report noted the absence of an Individualized Education Program (IEP) for the troubled child, raising concerns about the lack of appropriate intervention.

Troubled Child

The child involved in the shooting had a troubled history, with documented instances of physical aggression, lack of self-control and other behavioral issues. He had attempted to choke a teacher the semester before and constantly used profanity.

Despite these red flags, the school failed to provide adequate support or consider alternative placements, such as an IEP or alternative school placement. This failure to address the child’s needs contributed to the escalation of the situation.

This type of shooting by a person so young is extremely rare. According to David Riedman, the creator of the K-12 School Shooting Database, “This is the 17th shooting by someone under 10 years of age in a school. It’s rare for a 6-year-old to pull the trigger,” he said.


The grand jury’s findings highlight a series of systemic failures within the school administration.