Capturing Nature’s Fury: Lightning Strikes Statue of Liberty During NYC Storms


Photographer Dan Martland captured an image reminiscent of scenes from a post-apocalyptic movie. He captured a lightning strike on the iconic Statue of Liberty. 

Last week severe storms swept through New York City.  Martland seized an awe-inspiring moment as lightning struck Lady Liberty’s torch. And posted his work on Instagram. The electrifying image has captivated viewers and quickly garnered attention across social media platforms.

Statue of Liberty

Martland, known for his ability to capturing nature’s raw power, shared the striking photograph on Wednesday, showcasing the Statue of Liberty engulfed in a burst of lightning. The image looked like it came straight from a Hollywood blockbuster.

Responding to inquiries about his process, he revealed his reliance on weather tracking apps to anticipate opportune moments for photography. “I usually track the weather with apps and head out if it’s looking good,” Martland explained.

“I’ve had times where I’ve been out for eight hours and got nothing. Today was only an hour. The storm passed pretty quick. And the apps showed that there were no more cells coming my way.”