Pizzly Bears: Hybrid Bear Sightings Increase 


Pizzly bears, the intriguing offspring of polar bears and grizzlies, are captivating the attention of scientists and environmentalists alike. This unique crossbreed, born out of the changing landscapes of the Arctic, were first sighted in 2016.

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Understanding Pizzly Bears

These bears look like a grizzly bear, complete with long claws. But its fur usually has splashes of white and areas where it was almost blonde from its polar bear genes.

As temperatures rise and habitats shift, the once-distant worlds of polar bears and grizzlies are colliding. And this new species is not the only hybrid animal that is appearing. 

Gene-swapping among plants, animals and even human has been happening for centuries. 

Arctic foxes, a cold climate northern species, and the red fox are starting to appear. Hybrid species have previously developed during natural changes in the climate.