Eclipse Season 2024: Earth’s Shadow Appears on the Worm Moon


The cosmos gifts us with a series of celestial wonders in 2024. And it marks the onset of an extraordinary eclipse season. 

The “Worm Moon prenumbral eclipse is set to grace the skies on Monday, March 25th. But that’s just the beginning of a cosmic extravaganza that promises to captivate stargazers worldwide.

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Worm Moon 

The term “Worm Moon” might sound strange, but it bears a profound significance rooted in Native American folklore. As spring emerges, so do beetle larvae and other creatures, hence the name.

 This third full moon of 2024 is also dubbed the “Crow Moon” and the “Lenten Moon,” holds a special allure.

It sets in a part of the sky that astrologers claim has the influence of Libra. A full moon in the constellation of Virgo falling along the Aries/Libra sign axis from April 2023 to March 2025.