Terrorist Attack on Moscow Concert Hall, over 60 Killed


A deadly terrorist attack in Russia is being called the worst in decades. Tragedy struck concert-goers near Moscow as gunmen, dressed in camouflage, fired on a crowd gathered for a rock band performance. 

The attack claimed the lives of more than 60 people and left 145 wounded. Among the victims were children.

The assault took place hours after Russian security services announced that they had prevented a planned shooting at a synagogue by the Afghan arm of Islamic State.

The assault took place at the Crocus City Hall, a beloved entertainment venue. The concert-goers had gathered for an evening of music. 

The gunmen’s barrage of gunfire ignited a massive fire within the hall, leading to the collapse of its roof, as reported by state media.

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Islamic State takes credit for Terrorist Attack

 The Islamic State, through its Amaq agency on Telegram, claimed responsibility in the attack.