EEOC Unveils New Harassment Guidance, Aiming to Revamp Workplace Standards

EEOC Harassment Guidance

In a move as sudden and revealing as pulling back curtains from a dim room, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) unveiled its much-anticipated draft enforcement guidance on workplace harassment. It’s a poignant moment, coming six years post a foiled attempt during the Trump era, akin to a train previously derailed, now back on its tracks.

 EEOC Harassment Guidance : Anticipation for Official Release

While the suspense is thick enough to cut with a knife, the proposal named “Proposed Enforcement Guidance on Harassment in the Workplace” is slated for a Federal Register appearance come Monday. Yet, hovering clouds of a potential government shutdown could play the spoiler. The public, on tenterhooks, can voice their opinions on it until November 1, post its publishing.

The blueprint didn’t just materialize out of thin air. On Aug. 25, it reached the White House’s Office of Management and Budget, after undergoing careful scrutiny.

EEOC’s Clear Intentions and Priorities

“Clarity, development, and a continuation of past endeavors.” EEOC Chair, Charlotte A. Burrows, expressed this trio in her statement, emphasizing the commission’s zeal for input from the public. The proposal, birthed from the womb of innovation and necessity, earned its seal of approval through a nail-biting 3-2 vote among commissioners. An EEOC insider, Victor Chen, spilled the beans on this but kept the suspense alive, withholding the voting details.