Elon Musk Explains SpaceX Starship SN10’s Explosive Landing


Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX explained to CNET why the Starship SN10 exploded after it landed on March 3. The spaceship first appeared to make a precision landing directly centered on the landing pad.

Then moments later it exploded into the air in a ball of flames.

This 10th rocket design is planned to carry passengers and crew to Mars in just a few short years. This was the third Starship to reach the upper atmosphere and the second one to hit the six-mile mark. 

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Elon Musk explained the landing was not as perfect as it appeared to be. “Impact of 10 m/s (22 miles per hour) crushed legs & part of the skirt,” the SpaceX founder tweeted.

A slow-motion review of the landing reveals it came in a little fast. And although it set down on its mark there was some bounce to the touch-down. Then there was a slight leaning on one side and a small fire on the other side.

On the live-streaming webcast of the mission, commentator John Insprucker paused for a full minute as the rocket steadied itself. Things looked good. And he declared it a success. So when the live feed was cut everything looked okay.